This is more like it.

I'm sure at some point in your life, you've received, read, or given a Gaelic blessing. Most of them are wonderful expressions of peace and goodwill, and lots of people think they look good painted on random things and hung about the house.

For those of you who are more realistic in the ways of blessings, I give you the following, taken from a comment on Crystal's blog. I want to kiss the author of this work of art. Anyone for making a list before we gather around and bless the hell out of the listees???

May bleeding piles distress him,
May corns adorn his feet.
May crabs as big as horseflies crawl on his balls and eat.
And when he's old and feeble and a psychopathic wreck,
May his spine drop through his asshole and break his fucking neck.

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Maha said...

The last one is a special piece of art! Made me chuckle at work when I had to deal with belligerent patients!